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Cat HeartwormAbout Cat Heartworm Disease

Cats become infected with heartworms, although they are more resistant to heartworms than dogs.

Transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito, heartworm disease can only be prevented with pet prescription heartworm medicine that kill off the immature larvae in the cat’s body before they can become adults.

Therefore, prevention is much easier, safer and cheaper than treating a case of heartworm disease.

If your cat is not protected by monthly preventive heartworm medicine for cats, he/she is at definite risk of being infected with heartworm disease. This potentially fatal disease could result in your cat having adult heartworms living in their lungs and heart, causing many serious problems.

Cats with heartworms will cough, tire easily, have difficulty breathing, vomit and sometimes cough up blood. The symptoms of heartworm in cats vary depending on where the worms lodge in the cat’s body and how many of them are present.


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Showing all 8 results