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Dog otic Ear

Otitis externa is inflammation of the external ear canal and is a common problem in dogs and cats. Signs can include head shaking, pain, malodor, erythema, erosion, ulceration, swelling, and/or ceruminous gland inflammation. Diagnosis is based on otoscopic (Ear) examination, cytology, and culture. Treatment depends on the specific diagnosis. The inciting cause must be addressed to prevent recurrence.

Primary causes of otitis externa create disease in a normal ear. They alter the environment in the ear, often allowing a secondary infection to develop.

Primary causes include:

  • allergy (adverse food reaction, atopic dermatitis, contact)
  • parasites (Otodectes, Demodex, Sarcoptes)
  • autoimmune/immune-mediated
  • endocrine disease (hypothyroidism, hyperadrenocorticism)
  • epithelialization disorders (sebaceous adenitis, zinc-responsive dermatitis)
  • foreign bodies
  • glandular disorders (sebaceous gland hyperplasia)
  • fungal (Aspergillus)
  • viral (distemper)


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Showing all 23 results