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Animal Supplements

In this country, it’s likely that about one-third of dogs are given some sort of dietary supplement for everything ranging from arthritis and joint stiffness to heart health, digestion, and coat care.

Some of the most popular dog supplements are:

Fish Oil

Glucosamine is found naturally in the fluid around the joints. Glucosamine helps build cartilage. Glucosamine is taken from the shells of shellfish and can also be made in the laboratory. Many dog owners and veterinarians believe that glucosamine for dogs is effective in treating arthritis.

Fish Oil is the second most common supplement given to dogs is fish oil. Fish oil for dogs contains omega-3 fatty acids that are thought to improve coat quality and shine and alleviate skin allergies.

Antioxidant supplements such as vitamins C and E and  Coenzyme Q10 are thought to counteract some of the effects of aging, such as memory loss and cognitive dysfunction. They’re also used as a treatment for heart disease in dogs and to reduce inflammation.

Probiotics live naturally in the body in the form of yeasts and live bacteria that aid with digestion and intestinal health. As supplements, they’re used to treat diarrhea and other digestive problems. Probiotics come in several forms, including some yogurts, capsules, chews, powders, and in some dog food formulations.


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