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Aurocin Ear Cleanser works by cleaning wax and dirt from the ear while also drying excessive moisture. Made with aloe vera, it can help soothe irritations and promote a healthy ear environment and also remove odor. It is scented to also leave and pleasant scent while also deodorizing.

Aurocin Ear Cleanser is made to acidify, dry, clean, and deodorize the cat and dog’s ear canals promoting a healthy ear environment.

It can be used as a long term treatment to control recurrent otitis externa. It comes in different scents and forms. 

Aurocin is available in the fallowing Scents:

  • Aloe melon cucumber refreshing scent 
  • Aloe Regular Scent

Aurocin is available in the fallowing sizes:

  • 4 oz bottle
  • 8 oz bottle


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