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BioHAnce Technology

Sets Sentrx ophthalmology and epidermal repair solutions apart from any other products in pet healthcare.

Patented and proprietary.

BioHAnce technology uses advanced bioengineering to create a molecular matrix of crosslinked hyaluronic acid (HA) that can be specifically modified for each formulation and particular tissue environment, including ocular and skin surfaces. It produces a cellular scaffolding with unique physical and chemical properties that enhances hydration, accelerates the body’s own healing processes and extends duration in tissue.

Bioengineered to effectiveness and duration.

HA is a naturally occurring substance throughout the body of humans and animals that plays a key role in hydration, tissue lubrication and healing processes. Before BioHAnce, the rapid degradation of naturally occurring HA limited its clinical applications and efficacy in the real world. This patented technology makes it possible to chemically modify the HA so it is more resistant to degradation, while providing an ideal environment to enhance natural healing processes, hydration and lubrication. This bioengineering technology also makes it possible to specifically design an optimal HA matrix for a particular tissue environment.


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Showing all 3 results