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douxo pet medicine

Your pet will love getting a little extra TLC for her skin at bath time with Douxo S3 CARE Dog & Cat Shampoo. This shampoo is formulated for dogs and cats to help remove excess sebum, oils and flaky buildup. It’s specially crafted to be ulta-soft and to provide relief for dogs and cats with seborrheic dermatological diseases, by helping to restore the balance of protective microbes. The convenient shampoo form makes it easy to use, plus the formula is free of soaps, sulfates, parabens dyes and nanoparticles. As a bonus, this shampoo even moisturizes and detangles the fur, leaving behind a silky, shiny coat and soothed skin.

About DOUXO®

Clean & simple solutions for pet dermatological health!

Douxo is a brand of pet skincare products manufactured by Ceva Animal Health. Their unique line of innovative products feature a variety of moisturizing shampoos, gentle foams, convenient sprays and pads to treat the individual skin conditions of all dogs and cats.

The skin of dogs and cats is their first line of defense against environmental aggressors. To manage dermatological conditions, as well as maintain a healthy skin barrier, DOUXO offers unique, user-friendly solutions.

Soap-free, multi-tasking and supported by clinical studies, the Douxo and Conventional Dermatology Products lines make treatment time, bonding time.

DOUXO offers a variety of different products for an array of skin types and conditions. Whether your pet has dry or sensitive skin, allergies, or a skin disorder, we have products that can help with these issues.  Our products come in many different forms such as shampoo, wipes, spray, cream rinse, mousse, and conditioner.



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