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Entyce (capromorelin)

This is more than a meal

Entyce supports dogs facing long-term health challenges by addressing inappetence, which is essential for improving nutrition.1

Why Entyce?

Entyce delivers visible results with ~7/10* dog owners reporting increased appetite in just 4 days of treatment.2
Dogs can safely take Entyce throughout their treatment journey, even with a wide range of comorbidities.
Entyce works like the body’s own natural hunger hormone, ghrelin.
Entyce increases appetite, leading to increased food consumption.
Understanding Inappetence
Inappetence is defined as a reduction in or lack of appetite. It may be associated with a variety of conditions or diseases and can be challenging to treat. Early clinical intervention is important to prevent subsequent loss of body weight and complications.

There are varying levels of inappetence, including decreased appetite (hyporexia), changes in appetite (dysrexia), and refusal to eat any food (anorexia), which all can lead to weight loss.

It is important to monitor and address changes in a dog’s eating behavior since inadequate nutritional intake can result in long-term complications, including impaired quality of life.

There are many potential causes of inappetence in dogs, including both chronic and acute medical conditions, medications, psychological problems and changes in routine, environment or diet.

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