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LiverTriowas conceived and formulated by a veterinarian and a pharmacist. As medical practitioners in the veterinary field we came to realize the lack of an AFFORDABLE and COMPREHENSIVE liver supplement.

LiverTrio+ chew tablets combine S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe), L-Glutathione, Silybin Phosphatidylcholine Complex (SPC) and Silybin A+B (as part of SPC). This combination aims to deliver a comprehensive liver supplement for dogs and cats.

Chronic liver disease is characterized in most cases by a significant decrease in L- glutathione. L- glutathione is a molecule found in the liver that protects it from oxidative damage.2,3,4

During liver disease dogs and cats commonly show low glutathione values with cats having a higher risk than dogs for low liver glutathione values.2

Proper liver function is key to maintain your pet healthy and strong. In many cases, liver function is affected by external factors out of our control such as disease or congenital factors. LiverTriocan help your pet and with your help, regain some of that control back.

LiverTrio‘s combination of SAMe, SPC and Glutathione in an easy to chew tablet form, brings together three compounds that have been shown to help improve liver health and brain health. LiverTrio+ should aid in restoring your pet’s liver to a proper functioning state. This way your pets can continue to live a long, happy and healthy life. 1,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive combination of SAMe, L- Glutathione and SPC containing Silybin A+B as part of the SPC complex.
  • Comprehensive liver supplement for dogs and cats.
  • L – Glutathione supplement contributes to faster liver cell recovery by providing an early supply to the glutathione deficient liver until SAMe effects manifest.
  • Tablets are flavored with a combination of bacon and liver powder for increased palatability.
  • Scored tablets, easy to split, for a more accurate dosing and monitoring.

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