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About Paradefense

Paradefense consists of two products. PARADefense® for cats and PARADefense® Advanced for dogs.

PARADefense® Advanced for Dogs:

PARADefense® Advanced provides protection against ticks, fleas and mosquitos in dogs and against Fleas in cats. This protection stops the pests before they bite. Without the bite, there is no transmission of disease. ParaDefense Advanced repels and kills the 4 most common ticks, all life stages of fleas and mosquitos that may transmit disease.

PARADefense® for Cats:

PARADefense® for Cats starts working on contact to kill all flea lifestages including flea eggs. PARADefense® for Cats contains the same active ingredients as Advantage® II at a fraction of the cost.

PARADefense® products are EPA registered medications distributed by CAP IM Supply, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CAPInnoVet®. CAPInnoVet® is a company dedicated to helping pets live healthier, happier lives by providing better access to high-quality companion animal medications at a lower cost.

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Showing all 2 results