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About Durvet:

In 1970, Durvet opened for business as the first entity in the over-the-counter animal health market to be involved in both manufacturing as well as distribution. Their complete product ownership vision proved to be the model for the up and coming animal health supply chain business. The hard work their team put in proceeds to pay off as the business continues to grow quickly. They have developed from a small 500 square foot rented facility to a 78,000 square foot warehouse with state-of-the-art logistics and distribution technology. Durvet’s current mission is to provide products and services that result in healthy animals, healthy saving and healthy value for pet-loving customers. They consistently strive to keep prices low while aiming for higher standards of service. Durvet has a passion for helping people care for their animals and to aid in the joy of pet parenthood and companionship in any way they can.

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