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PancrePlus by VetOne

PancrePlus Powder for Dogs & Cats By PancrePlus About PancrePlus

PancrePlus is a pancreatic enzyme concentrate of porcine origin. It is used as a digestive aid in replacement therapy where digestion of protein, carbohydrate and fat is inadequate due to exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

Available in tablets or powder.

Each tablet contains a minimum:


• Lipase, 9,000 USP units


• Protease, 57,000 USP units


• Amylase, 64,000 USP units

Each 2.8 g (1 teaspoon) contains a minimum:

• Lipase, 71,400 USP units


• Protease, 388,000 USP units


• Amylase, 460,000 USP units.


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