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Revolt (Selamectin)


Revolt all doses


Revolt® (selamectin) is the exact same active ingredient that has been proven in years past by competitive brands, now available for less. Our product is proudly manufactured and packaged in the USA. Ask your vet today about Revolt® (selamectin).


Revolt® (selamectin) is manufactured and packaged in Minnesota by a leading veterinary pharmaceutical product development and manufacturing company.

With over 30 years of experience, our focus and goal is to provide customers with products that maximize the health and quality of life for your cherished companion animals.

Experienced veterinarians in our company work closely with animals and their caregivers. We have a unique understanding of the science behind developing healthcare solutions to an ever changing marketplace.

In The Pipeline

With very promising products currently being developed, our pipeline positions us to be a strong, national leader in veterinary health care.

With a continued focus on providing pet owners with products to protect the health and well being of their animals, our goal is the same as is has been for the last 30 years: Provide ultra high quality products to pet owners at affordable prices to ensure everyone has the same access to protect their pets.


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