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VetPen® (Vetsulin)

Vetsulin VetPen

About VetPen®

For years, insulin pens have made it easier for people to manage their diabetes. VetPen® allows pet owners to enjoy the same convenience and accuracy when managing their pet’s diabetes.

VetPen® is designed Specifically for use with Vetsulin® 2.7mL Cartridge

Available in two sizes:
• 8 IU VetPen with dosing increments of 0.5 IU
• 16 IU VetPen with dosing increments of 1 IU

VetPen® Features:
• Easy dosing minimizes chance for errors
• Ergonomically designed for easy handling
• Portability for pet owners on the go
• Less intimidating for pet owners
• Minimizes pet discomfort


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